Did you know that United Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is a lease return center? Many of the drivers who visit our Brooklyn, New York location come to either start a new lease, close their account, or learn about the lease-end buyout options. If you're interested in starting a new lease, our team will happily talk you through leasing vs buying and show you all the new vehicles available to lease! Interested in handing us the keys and walking away? You have no obligations to take the next step with our team. Simply pay any remaining fees and balances. If you loved your car, you can always consider holding onto it for good. You can apply for financing with our team to take the next step towards ownership! Whatever option you choose, our team is here to help you with all of it. Whether you're from Bay Ridge, Staten Island, or NYC, give our team a call to learn all that our lease return center has to offer!

Lease Buy-Out Options
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Are you considering keeping your vehicle for the long run? At United Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we want to make it easy for you, which is why we offer two different buyout options. The first is a lease-end buyout, which is where you finance whatever remains of the vehicle's value at the end of your leasing term. Sometimes the value is written out in your contract but negotiation is possible in some cases. If you're ready to buy your vehicle now, consider an early lease buyout! It may not be possible on your vehicle as they might be prohibited through your lease contract, but they can also cause early termination fees. If you've caused a lot of wear and tear in your vehicle, it might be a strong option to consider. We're happy to help you with all things related to leases at our Brooklyn, NY lease return center! From a Ram 1500 lease, a Jeep Wrangler lease buyout, or a Dodge Durango lease return, give our team a call to learn more.

Prepare for Returning your Lease at United Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Are you getting ready to return your leased car? There are a few things you'll want to do before visiting United Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. First off, make sure you've completed all scheduled maintenance, as failing to do so could result in additional charges. Next up, make sure to remove any personal belongings from the car and delete any personal data from your onboard computers. Once you clean your vehicle, vacuum the interior, and wipe down your windows, we'll take care of the exterior! It's also important to gather key fobs and accessories that were included and delivered with the car so you avoid additional charges. Did you know you can schedule a pre-inspection? While we'll perform an inspection when you're ready to turn in your vehicle, you can also schedule a pre-inspection to catch excess wear and tear before it results in additional charges. There's so much to do before you visit our Brooklyn, NY dealership. Give us a call to learn more about the process of returning your leased car, truck, or SUV.

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